HILDA Discussion Paper Series

Research exploring outcomes from the HILDA Survey

In addition to the Discussion Paper Series, we also have a HILDA Technical Paper Series.

1/22 Nicole Watson, Mossamet Kamrun Nesa and Michelle Summerfield Wave 21 data quality November 2022
1/21 Nicole Watson, Yihua Jin and Michelle Summerfield Wave 20 data quality and the impact of questionnaire and fieldwork changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic December 2021
1/20 Mark Wooden Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic in the HILDA Survey June 2020
1/18 Mark Wooden, Nathan La, Ninette Macalalad, Michelle Summerfield and Nicole Watson The Measurement of Illicit Drug Use in Wave 17 of the HILDA Survey Dec 2018
1/16 Nicole Watson and Ning Li Evaluating potential improvements to the income imputation methods for the HILDA Survey Dec 2016
1/15 Nicole Watson and Mark Wooden Factors Affecting Response to the HILDA Survey Self-Completion Questionnaire Nov 2015
3/14 Mark Wooden The Measurement of Physical Activity in Wave 13 of the HILDA Survey Dec 2014
2/14 Noah Uhrig and Nicole Watson The Impact of Measurement Error on Wage Decompositions: Evidence from BHPS and HILDA Survey Jun 2014
1/14 Mark Wooden The Measurement of Sexual Identity in Wave 12 of the HILDA Survey (and associations with mental health and earnings) Feb 2014
2/13 Stephen Pudney and Nicole Watson If at First You Don’t Succeed? Fieldwork Effort, Panel Attrition, and Health-Employment Inferences in BHPS and HILDA Dec 2013
1/13 Mark Wooden The Measurement of Cognitive Ability in Wave 12
of the HILDA Survey
Dec 2013
1/12 Nicole Watson and Roger Wilkins The Impact of Computer-Assisted Interviewing on Interview Length Apr 2012
3/11 Milica Kecmanovic and Roger Wilkins Accounting for Salary Sacrificed Components of Wage and Salary Income Dec 2011
2/11 Nicole Watson and Roger Wilkins Experimental Change from Paper-Based Interviewing to Computer-Assisted Interviewing in the HILDA Survey Sep 2011
1/11 Nicole Watson and Mark Wooden Re-engaging with Survey Non-respondents: The BHPS, SOEP and HILDA Survey Experience Feb 2011
2/10 Nicole Watson The Impact of the Transition to CAPI and a New Fieldwork Provider on the HILDA Survey Dec 2010
1/10 Roger Wilkins and Claire Sun Assessing the Quality of the Expenditure Data Collected in the Self-Completion Questionnaire Apr 2010
3/09 Nicole Watson and Michelle Summerfield Quality of the Occupation and Industry Coding in the HILDA Survey Mar 2009
2/09 Mark Wooden Use of the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale in the HILDA Survey Feb 2009
1/09 Mark Wooden Measuring Trade Union Membership Status in the HILDA Survey Jan 2009
2/07 Alison Goode Recall Bias in Reported Events: HILDA, Waves 1–5 Jun 2007
1/07 Roslyn Starick and Nicole Watson Evaluation of Alternative Income Imputation Methods for the HILDA Survey

Jun 2007
2/06 Nicole Watson and Mark Wooden Modelling Longitudinal Survey Response: The Experience of the HILDA Survey Dec 2006
1/06 Nicole Watson Options for a Top-up Sample to the HILDA Survey

An updated version of this paper, which includes the results of the Recent Arrival Dress Rehearsal, was presented at the ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference in December 2006.
Jun 2006
3/03 Bruce Headey Income and Wealth – Facilitating Multiple Approaches To Measurement and Permitting Different Levels of Aggregation Oct 2003
2/03 Bruce Headey How Best To Impute Taxes And Measure Public Transfers? Oct 2003
1/03 Nicole Watson and Mark Wooden Towards an Imputation Strategy for Wave 1 of the HILDA Survey Mar 2003
3/01 John Henstridge The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey: Weighting and Imputation Jul 2001 (revised Sep 2001)
2/01 Mark Wooden Design and Management of a Household Panel Survey: Lessons from the International Experience Jun 2001
1/01 Joachim R Frick and John P Haisken-DeNew Structuring the HILDA Panel: Considerations and Suggestions Jun 2001
1/00 Mark Wooden and Nicole Watson The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey: An Introduction to the Proposed Survey Design and Plan Dec 2001 (revised Sep 2001)