Data and Documentation Issues

This page is updated as necessary with any known issues related to the HILDA data or its documentation.

Release 18

Material deprivation

The variables rmdhhsm (Have a substantial meal at least once a day) and rmdhasm (Can't afford - Have a substantial meal at least once a day) are incorrect in the initial release. The raw variables mapped to rmdhhsm and rmdhasm were not correctly updated from the last time the question on material deprivation was asked (in wave 14). This is now fixed.

CNEF files

The Cross-National Equivalence File (CNEF) variable D11105 “Relationship to Household Head” (only available in CNEF) is missing for 2003 in the initial release. This now included.

You will be able to access the updated files via the ADA Dataverse system.

Issues in previous releases