Consumer Choice and Policy Challenges in the Australian Private Health Insurance Market


How did you calculate the expected benefit in the second graph (the histogram)?

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) reported the expected benefit by all insurers each quarter.

On lifetime health cover (LHC), the private health insurance industry is reporting increasing numbers of older people taking out policies for the minimum time to get treatment and then leaving (called 'hit and run'). How does that fit into your analysis of the impact of LHC?

Good question. We did not specifically look into these, but our estimates reflect what happened on average, on a large scale.

Is there any consideration around removing high cost items such as obstetrics from private health insurance products? Would that help bring down the cost of premiums?

There are different levels of insurance cover. Basic levels don't normally cover obstetrics.

What are your thoughts around insurance coverage outside the acute setting? Other than hospital insurance (eg GP specialists)?

These services are covered by Medicare. Private health insurance doesn't cover them.

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