Melbourne Institute Virtual Colloquium

This regularly held colloquium will showcase our projects and researchers. This is a forum that encourages discussion on how research insights should inform policy and practice. The colloquia will be moderated by Professor A. Abigail Payne, Director and Ronald Henderson Professor, and Professor Roger Wilkins, Deputy Director.

Find out more about our upcoming colloquia and how to register here. Watch recordings of past webinars below.

Economic conditions and opioid overdoses

We have witnessed marked increases in overdose deaths attributable to highly addictive prescription pain killers or opioids. Who is most affected? Will these deaths continue to increase or decline in a post-Covid-19 country?

Presenter: Professor John P. de New

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Employment and income policy: Post COVID-19 implications

How has JobKeeper and JobSeeker addressed issues of unemployment and reduced hours of work during this current pandemic? Who receives the payments and what are the effects of these payments on the recipients? Can JobKeeper and JobSeeker address needs moving forward?

Presenter: Professor Guyonne Kalb

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