Community Level Poverty Rates

An interactive visualisation of community level poverty rates from the Spatial and Community Dimensions of Income Poverty Report

This interactive visualisation is an extension of the In and Out interactive visualisation that accompanies the Spatial and Community Dimensions of Income Poverty (Payne and Samarage, 2020) report developed as part of the Breaking Down Barriers research series by the Melbourne Institute into understanding and overcoming disadvantage. This interactive visualisation has been created based on analysis, conducted at a community level, using Australian Census data of individuals and households.

This page visually depicts the quintile for overall poverty rate (See About this visualisation for more information) by year for communities across Australia. Quintile 1 represents the poorest of communities within the distribution while quintile 5 represents the communities with the highest household incomes. The colour scheme represents the overall poverty rate and the values are distributed as follows.

Colour Scheme. Medium red is Quintile 1 (highest poverty),  dark grey red is Quintile 2, cyan is Quintile 3, moderate blue is Quintile 4, dark blue is Quintile 5, (lowest poverty), white is limited data

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About this visualisation

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About this visualisation


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