About Us

The Melbourne Institute is Australia’s pre-eminent economic and social policy research institution. It undertakes high quality, independent and impartial applied research, and contributes to the development of public policy in Australia.

Established in 1962, the Institute provides high calibre, peer-reviewed levels of research to government, business and community groups. It is internationally renowned for its HILDA and MABEL Surveys, as well as its measurement of economic and social indicators.

Our Mission

As Australia’s leading applied economics and social policy research centre, the Melbourne Institute’s mission is to:

  • Undertake and publish high-quality academic research on major economic and social policy issues affecting contemporary Australia
  • Foster informed discussion and debate on domestic public policy
  • Provide highly valued research services, publications and datasets to government, business and community groups
  • Become internationally renowned for its expertise and contributions to international research, and
  • Provide quality research training through an internationally recognised PhD program.

To find out more about the Melbourne Institute and its contributions to economic and social policy in Australia, visit our history page.

Advisory Board

The Melbourne Institute Advisory Board provides strategic advice on the successful operation of the Institute, with particular focus on research and engagement.

Meeting at regular intervals, board members use their in-depth knowledge of industry and policy to ensure that the Melbourne Institute remains the world’s leading research centre on economic and social policy in Australia.

Doctoral Program in Economics

The Melbourne Institute offers an internationally recognised, five-year doctoral program jointly with the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne.

The program is designed for students with prior training in economics who wish to acquire the advanced skills needed to practise as a professional economist in the public or private sectors or as an academic.

Students undertake two years of coursework and three years of research throughout the program, and have the opportunity to complete a Doctor of Philosophy in a wide range of specialisations. Students can be jointly supervised by members of the Melbourne Institute and the Department of Economics.

Further information about the Economics Doctoral Program is available from the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Research partnerships

The Melbourne Institute has significant experience providing a broad range of applied research services, from statistical and quantitative analyses to the evaluation of existing research.

Working closely with partners in government, industry and community organisations, the Institute explores a variety of issues in economic and social policy, in order to inform policy development and provide insights that improve programs, practice and service delivery.

Our partners

The Melbourne Institute’s research partners include:

Visiting researchers

The Melbourne Institute is delighted to host leading Australian and international researchers throughout the year, as part of our extensive visitor program.

Visiting academics collaborate with Melbourne Institute staff on specific topics of investigation and present their research at seminars, workshops and conferences.

International linkages

The Melbourne Institute is a member of the worldwide National Economic Research Organisations network, known as NERO.

Facilitated by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, NERO members exchange research findings, identify new areas of study and attend an annual conference.

Terms of use

Visit our Terms of use page for information on sharing and reproducing Melbourne Institute work.