Brotherhood of St Laurence

The Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL) is a long-standing research partner of the University of Melbourne and the Melbourne Institute.

With a history of collaboration spanning more than 50 years, the BSL and the University formalised their partnership in 2003, creating several joint research programs and positions across the University.

These research programs aim to address social inclusion across the life course, with particular focus given to the development of policies associated with inclusive growth, social inclusion and poverty prevention.

At the Melbourne Institute, funding provided by the BSL in 2010 established the Ronald Henderson Research Fellowship, an academic position focusing specifically on social exclusion, poverty and inequality.

Social Exclusion Monitor

Social exclusion occurs when someone experiences a range of problems that prevent them from fully participating in society. These problems are common, affecting around one million Australians, according to the latest BSL report.

Unemployment, poor health and inadequate education are among some of the many overlapping factors that may exclude a person from society.

In 2008, the Melbourne Institute began working with the BSL to develop a new method of measuring social exclusion in Australia. This culminated in the publication of the Social Exclusion Monitor (SEM) in 2011.

The SEM uses data from the annual HILDA Survey of more than 17,000 Australians and is updated when new data is available.

For more information, visit the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s Social Exclusion Monitor website.

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