Graduate Research Students

Pengyun Chen

A Network Analysis of Spillovers between Global Stock and Bond Markets
Supervisor: Viet Hoang Nguyen

Xinran Hu

Essays on Marriage Market and Household Decision Making
Supervisors:  Victoria Baranov, Lisa Cameron  and Jan Kabátek

Aaron Korczak-Krzeczowski

Labour market implications of the discontinuous youth minimum wage. Evidence from Australian administrative data
Supervisor: Jan Kabátek

Diego Machillanda Flechas

Gender and geographical differences in Australian job mobility and its wage benefits
Supervisors: Barbara Broadway and Guyonne Kalb

Monir Moniruzzaman

Mitigating Gender Disparities: Role of Labour Market Opportunity
Supervisors: Reshad Ahsan and Diana Contreras Suárez

Christian Rhind

Examining the marginal propensity to consume of Australian households using microdata (HILDA)
Supervisors:  Roger Wilkins and Sam Tsiaplias

Huan Wang

Essays in health in developing countries
Supervisors: Victoria Baranov, Lisa Cameron, Marc Chan