Research staff

  1. Professor Mark Wooden

    Professorial Fellow
    (Families and Households,
    Health and Healthcare,
    Income and Economic Wellbeing,
    Labour Markets and Employment)

    • Family and household wellbeing outcomes
    • Mental health and wellbeing
    • Intergenerational transmission of socio-economic advantage and disadvantage
    • Employment/unemployment over the lifecycle
    • Non-standard forms of employment
    • Working time
  2. Associate Professor Nicole Watson

    HILDA Survey Co-Director
    Principal Research Fellow
    Program Coordinator
    (HILDA Survey Design)

    • Survey methodology
    • Weighting
    • Imputation
    • Longitudinal surveys
  3. Ms Michelle Summerfield

    HILDA Deputy Director, Survey Management
    (HILDA Survey Design)

    • Survey management
    • Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing
    • Development and testing of CAPI scripts
    • Data management, editing and documentation
  4. Ms Roopa Kamath

    HILDA Database Support Officer
    (HILDA Survey Design)

    • Data quality
    • Data editing and documentation
    • Development and testing of CAPI scripts
  5. Ms Ninette Macalalad

    HILDA Survey Research Database Engineer and Analyst
    (HILDA Survey Design)

    • Survey and reporting
    • Data quality
    • Data mining and analysis
    • Data management

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