University of Melbourne Health Economics Group (UMHEG)

UMHEG is a cross-faculty network of over 50 health economists based at the University of Melbourne that conducts collaborative applied and methodological health economic research.

The group aims to:

  • Conduct high quality, policy relevant research across a number of areas of health economics
  • Build capacity in health economics through post-graduate research supervision and teaching
  • Create a supportive connected environment for health economists working across the University, and
  • Raise the profile of health economics across the University and Australia.
  • Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research


    • health care financing, organisation and the supply of healthcare
    • performance, incentives and competition in healthcare
    • financing and health insurance
    • physician behaviour and labour markets for health professionals (including the MABEL panel survey of doctors)
    • pharmaceutical policies and disparities in medication use
    • the behaviour of individuals with respect to their health and wellbeing (including risky behaviours)
    • the role of education, disadvantage, and life circumstances on health and wellbeing
    • the relationship between employment and health and wellbeing
    • Indigenous wellbeing
    • Evaluation of programs targeting individuals’ health status and health related behaviours
    • Health in developing countries

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  • Department of Economics


    • Health in developing countries
    • The economics of risky behaviours
    • Happiness, wellbeing and mental health
    • Welfare systems and choice behaviour
    • Microeconometric models with applications in health economics

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  • Health Economics Unit, Centre for Health Policy


    • Economic evaluation and health technology assessment
    • Measuring and valuing health outcomes
    • Choice modelling
    • Health systems research
    • Simulation modelling and risk prediction
    • Health inequality
    • Methodological research
    • Specialisations in:
      • child and global child health,
      • genomics and personalised medicine,
      • diabetes, cardiovascular diseases,
      • osteoarthritis and others.

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  • Nossal Institute for Global Health


    • Health system and policy
    • Policy evaluation
    • Economic evaluation and priority setting
    • Global health
    • Preference and behaviour

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Program details


Dr. Ilias Goranitis, Health Economics Unit, Centre for Health Policy
Mr. Justin McKinley, Melbourne School Of Population And Global Health
Dr. Susan J. Méndez, Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research


This Group is funded by grants and research contracts provided by a variety of sources, including the ARC, NHMRC and Australian state and federal government departments.

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