Income and Economic Wellbeing:
Recent Publications

Research publications produced over the past three years by the Melbourne Institute’s Income and Economic Wellbeing research program.

  • Books and Book Chapters
    • Headey B & Muffels R. 2018. Welfare capitalism: The ten year impact of governments on poverty, inequality and financial risk in West Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. In Bäcker G (eds.), Combating Poverty in Europe. Taylor & Francis Group.
    • Kalb G & Azpitarte F. 2019. Measuring Income Poverty in Australia: A Review of Methods and Recent Trends. Revisiting Henderson: Poverty, Social Secruity and Basic Income. MUP.
  • Journal articles
    • Creedy J, Gemmell N, Hérault N & Mok P. 2020. A microsimulation analysis of marginal welfare-improving income tax reforms for New Zealand. International Tax and Public Finance, (27): 409-434.
    • Jenkins SP. 2020. Perspectives on Poverty in Europe. Following in Tony Atkinson’s Footsteps. Italian Economic Journal, 6(1): 129-155.

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