Macroeconomic Reports

The Melbourne Institute measures a variety of macroeconomic indicators, from the drivers of economic growth to the sentiments underpinning the nation’s economic outlook.

Our indicators are widely reported in the media and are referenced by economists nationwide. They are published at monthly or quarterly intervals, with Time Series Data also available.

Subscription reports

Our macroeconomic reports include:

  • Westpac–Melbourne Institute Leading Index of Economic Activity
  • Westpac–Melbourne Institute Survey of Consumer Sentiment
  • Westpac–Melbourne Institute Survey of Consumer Sentiment: NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia
  • Westpac–Melbourne Institute Survey of House Price Expectations
  • Westpac–Melbourne Institute Survey of Unemployment Expectations
  • Melbourne Institute Survey of Consumer Inflationary and Wage Expectations
  • Melbourne Institute Monthly Inflation Gauge

Free reports

We also produce a series of free publications, including:

  • Melbourne Institute Nowcast of Australian GDP &  Dating the Business Cycle
  • Melbourne Institute Monthly Bulletin of Economic Trends
  • Melbourne Institute State Leading Indexes of Economic Activity
  • Phases of business cycles in Australia

Media Releases

Monthly media releases are available for our Macroeconomic Modelling, Forecasting and Policy Analysis reports.