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Analyzing Markets for Health Workers: Insights from Labor and Health Economics

Barbara McPake, Anthony Scott and Ijeoma Edoka

Analyzing Markets Book cover

This book provides an overview of the key issues that arise when attempting to apply economics to the analysis of health workers' labour markets.

Though much has been written and planned about health and human resources, a major weakness with most of the analysis is that it does not use an economic perspective.

The use of an explicit economic framework moves the focus away from simplistic but costly policy responses, such as training more doctors and nurses, towards better understanding the role of incentives, productivity and the distribution of health workers.

This book is a useful resource for health workforce planners and those researching the health workforce.

Publication details

Length: 99 pages
Year of Publication: 2014
Publisher: The World Bank
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-4648-0224-9
ISBN (epub): 978-1-4648-0225-6

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The Policy Providers: A History of the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, 1962–2012

Ross Williams

The Policy Providers

For half a century, the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research has been a major provider of economic and social policy advice in Australia.

The Policy Providers tells the story of how the Institute rose from inauspicious beginnings to achieve national prominence.

Through the efforts of its foundation director, Ronald Henderson, the Institute had, within a decade, provided the blueprint for today's Medicare, established the impetus for the national regulation of financial institutions, and had alerted Australians to the existence of significant pockets of poverty.

Since then, the Institute has become a respected resource that has persuaded policy makers to implement recommendations based on its quality research.

Publication details

Length: 194 pages
Year of Publication: 2012
Publisher: Melbourne University Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-522861-84-6

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