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Title: Substance Abuse and the Timing of Nest-leaving

Abstract: The decision to move out of the parental home marks a critical milestone, as some young adults find it challenging to relinquish family support and become economically independent. Growing in prevalence during adulthood, risky alcohol and tobacco consumption can compromise the individual's health and well-being, making further transitions towards adulthood more difficult. This paper jointly models the event-history of nest-leaving alongside risky choices to consume excess alcohol and tobacco as simultaneous equations, drawing on rich and nationally-representative longitudinal data from Australia. Results indicate that heavy drinking expedites nest-leaving for men and women. Women who start drinking or smoking from a young age are also prone to leaving home sooner. These young adults who make risky health choices also sooner withdraw from parental support, possibly marking a concerning starting point of disadvantage.

Presenter: Clement Wong, Melbourne Institute, University of Melbourne

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