PhD Students

Araz Aminnaseri
Proportional voting systems and income inequality
Supervisor: Roger Wilkins

Laxman Bablani
International medical graduates and medical labour markets
Supervisors: Tony Scott and Andrew Clarke

Michael Cowling
Supervisor: Mark Wooden 

Stephen Elias
Macroprudential Policy
Supervisors: Tim Robinson and Bruce Preston

Markus Hahn
Income inequality and income mobility in Germany: Does the choice of the income measure matter?
Supervisors: Roger Wilkins and Richard Burkhauser

Brendan Houng
Topics in education: Unemployment, inequality and selective schools
Supervisors: Chris Ryan, Moshe Justman and Guyonne Kalb

Xianglong Liu
Macroprudential Policy
Supervisors: Tim Robinson and Guay Lim

Emily Porter
The Great Recession and youth labour market outcomes: A cross-country comparison
Supervisors: Guyonne Kalb, Chris Ryan and Irma Mooi-Reci

Megha Swami
Waiting times for general practitioners
Supervisors: Tony Scott, Jenny Williams and Hugh Gravelle (University of York)

Neha Swami
Emloyment outcomes, financial hardships and homelessness: Understanding the interconnectivity
Supervisors: David Ribar, Jenny Williams and Mark Wooden

Trung Dun (Brian) Tran
On the macroeconomic effects of economic policy uncertainty
Supervisor: Efrem Castelnuovo

Michael Cowling
The dynamics of solo self-employment and employership
Supervisor: Mark Wooden