Binge Drinking, Antisocial and Unlawful Behaviours, and Beverage Types

Melbourne Institute Working Paper No. 03/15

Date: 2015


Ou Yang
Xueyan Zhao
Preety Srivastava


This paper examines evidence from Australia on the factors associated with binge drinking and several alcohol-related antisocial and unlawful behaviours. In particular, to quantify the negative externalities of excessive alcohol consumption by product type, our primary focus is the link with eleven types of alcoholic beverages. We also examine the role of binge drinking in increasing the likelihood for engaging in these antisocial and unlawful behaviours. We use individual-level data from a national representative survey and a multivariate probit model that allows unobservable factors for all negative behaviours to be correlated. Potential misclassification in the self-reported consumption data is accounted for. Results provide valuable evidence for more effective alcohol taxation as a tool for correcting differentiated negative externalities by beverage type.

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  • Binge drinking, negative externalities, alcohol taxation, multivariate probit, misclassification