Taking the Pulse of the Nation

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Tracking the economic and social wellbeing of Australians

Established in 2020, Taking the Pulse of the Nation (TTPN) surveys Australians to capture information about their financial position, their job security, their attitudes towards government policy and their experiences dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey contains responses from 1200  Australians, aged 18 years and over.  The sample is stratified by gender, age and location to be representative of the Australian population.

Our TTPN survey data and code book is available to the public upon request. Please contact us for more information.


The TTPN survey was created to gain quick and dynamic insight into how Australians were coping during the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of research publications have been produced using the TTPN data, all of which are available for download. Please subscribe for updates when a new publication is released.

Taking the Pulse of the Nation survey reports

The TTPN data is used to produce a free report each month, which explores an interesting or unusual result in the data findings. Melbourne Institute subscribers receive a copy of the TTPN report each month.

Research Insights

Related to the TTPN data findings are our Research Insights, a series of concise analyses from  Melbourne Institute researchers into their area of interest focused on crucial policy and economic questions in Australia. Many Research Insights draw on TTPN data.

Vaccine Hesitancy Tracker

If you're interested in understanding Australians' willingness to be vaccinated against COVID-19, you can view our Vaccine Hesitancy Tracker, which uses TTPN data to track vaccine hesitancy across Australia.