Vaccine Hesitancy Tracker

Tracking COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy across Australia using Taking the Pulse of the Nation (TTPN) Survey data.  We add new data every two weeks and the next update will be on 28 October 2021.

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Key insights

  • Vaccine hesitancy across Australia continues to steadily fall, from 15% on 23rd September to 13.3% on the 10th October.
  • The current hesitancy rate suggests that Australia can achieve at least 87% of the population fully vaccinated, consistent with the steady rise of first dose uptake across states.
  • The largest drop in hesitancy comes from those unwilling to be vaccinated (from 8.2% to 6.9%), with a smaller drop for those who unsure (from 6.8% to 6.4%).
  • Since August hesitancy amongst those aged 45-64 has been relatively stable, but has now fallen from 16% to 12%.
  • South Australia is the only state where vaccine hesitancy has increased, from 14.8% to 19.2% between the 12th September and 10th October.
  • Vaccine hesitancy is now highest in South Australia (19.2%) and lowest in Victoria (10.1%).

To see additional analyses of this data, please see our Research Insights series. For more information about this Vaccine Hesitancy Tracker, please contact Professor Anthony Scott.


Vaccine Hesitancy Report Card (2021), Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research.


These figures use data drawn from the Taking the Pulse of the Nation survey Melbourne Institute’s survey of Australians’ attitudes and behaviours on critical, economic and social issues. The survey is fielded every two weeks, and each survey wave contains responses from 1200 persons, aged 18 years and over. The sample is stratified by gender, age and location to be representative of the Australian population. The numbers report moving averages from the most recent two TTPN fortnightly waves.

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