How do employees feel about COVID-19 vaccination and testing mandates?

Melbourne Institute Research Insight No. 17/21

Date: November 2021


Roger Wilkins
Federico Zilio


Workplaces often involve considerable interpersonal interaction. Consequently, mandates for workers to be vaccinated and/or regularly tested for COVID-19 are potentially important tools in efforts to reduce transmission of the disease. However, until now it has not been clear how employees would feel about such mandates. In three successive waves of the Taking the Pulse of the Nation (TTPN) Survey conducted in August and September of this year, employees were asked whether they support such measures being implemented by their own employer. We find high support overall. The support is high but somewhat weaker in some high-exposure industries, in states and territories with low numbers of COVID cases and among Australians not aligned to any major party. Given the public health benefits of vaccination and COVID testing, legislative measures by state and federal governments may be beneficial for reducing the current ambiguity surrounding the legality of employer vaccine and testing mandates.

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