Why is Australians' willingness to be vaccinated falling, and what can we do to increase it?

Melbourne Institute Research Insight No. 01/21

Date: February 2021


Anthony Scott


With the COVID-19 vaccine set to roll out in Australia at the end of February, concerns have arisen around people's willingness to take the vaccine. If not enough people are vaccinated against the virus, this could pose a major barrier to achieving herd immunity. In this Research Insight, Professor Anthony Scott identifies what factors affect one's willingness to be vaccinated and outlines possible solutions that could increase take-up of the vaccine. Using data from the Melbourne Institute's Taking the Pulse of the Nation survey, the study examines how an individual's employment status and level of mental distress can factor in to their willingness to receive the vaccine, as well as looking at how some people's attitudes have changed between October 2020 and February 2021. The study also considers the results based on State differences, age group, and gender.

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