Taking the Pulse of the Nation

Tracking the economic and social wellbeing of Australians.

Established in 2020, Taking the Pulse of the Nation (TTPN) surveys Australians every week to capture information about their financial position, their job security, their attitudes towards government policy and their experiences dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TTPN data is used to produce a free report each month, which explores an interesting or unusual result in the data findings. Melbourne Institute subscribers receive a copy of the TTPN report each month.

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Taking the Pulse of the Nation Tracker

See how Australians' expectations and attitudes are changing in real-time. The tracker showcases the full suite of information we have available from the beginning of the TTPN survey.

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Research Insights

Also related to the TTPN data findings are our Research Insights, a fortnightly analysis from a Melbourne Institute researcher into their area of interest. Regularly, TTPN data is turned into a Research Insight, giving Melbourne Institute researchers the opportunity to look deeply into one specific finding from the TTPN survey.