Bruce Bradbury - Spatial inequality of Australian men's incomes, 1991 to 2011

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Title: Spatial inequality of Australian men’s incomes

Abstract: This study uses census data to examine patterns of within- and between-region inequality for capital city Statistical Local Areas (SLAs) between 1991 and 2011. The main focus is on the gross (pre-tax) incomes of prime-age males. The analysis uses non-parametric methods to model the categorical reporting of income and takes account of changes in the census income questions and changes in income support policy over the period. Income inequality is greatest in Sydney, followed by Melbourne, and this gap has increased over the two decades. Across all cities, all three of overall, between-SLA and within-SLA inequality have increased (particularly in the first decade). This has been associated with an increase in spatial segregation as measured by the between share of inequality. Within-region inequality (or heterogeneity) is greater in SLAs which have higher average income, are more densely populated and have more ethnic heterogeneity.

Presenter: Bruce Bradbury, Social Policy Research Centre, The University of New South Wales

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