Lars Johannessen Kirkebøen, Statistics Norway - Schools' value-added and students' long-term outcomes

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Title: Schools' value-added and students' long-term outcomes

Abstract: This paper studies school quality in Norwegian compulsory schooling. I demonstrate that even in the absence of previous test scores, it is possible to construct informative indicators of persistent school quality by controlling exam scores for students' background. These indicators show little bias predicting exam performance out of sample, and are also predictive of long-term outcomes. Three quasi-experiments using students moving or changes in neighborhoods' school assignments indicate that the performance differences captured by the indicators do indeed reflect differences in school quality, rather than unobserved student characteristics. The quasi-experiments also show that transitory differences in exam scores are predictive of school quality, although with bias, suggesting that these differences at least in part reflect effects of the learning environment on the students.

Presenter: Lars Johannessen Kirkebøen, Statistics Norway

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