Klaus F. Zimmermann - European Migration: Challenges and Perspectives with a Global View

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Title: European Migration: Challenges and Perspectives with a Global View

Abstract: While globalization and migration is largely beneficial, concerns in the public are rising.  The large differences between the perceptions of society and research evidence needs to be reflected and understood. Europe is a relevant case study also of interest for the US and Australia.  Facing an aging and shrinking population, European labor markets could benefit from regulated global mobility.  The debate, however, is currently dominated by refugee issues.  While the refugee flow to Europe is still small, the political institutions seem to be unable to cope with the current and future challenges.  The lecture reviews these issues and discusses policy strategies to balance economic needs and constraints with humanitarian obligations.  The key issue suggested is the proper integration of labor migrants and refugees into the labor markets.  This requires active recruitment strategies of labor migrants and early integration of asylum seekers into the workforce.

Presenter: Prof Dr Klaus F. Zimmermann, Maastricht University

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