Guido Erreygers, University of Antwerp - Defining and Measuring Health Poverty

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Title: Defining and Measuring Health Poverty

Abstract: The aim of the paper is twofold: first we elaborate how the concept of ‘health poverty’ can be defined and measured, and second we apply the methodology to study health poverty in a variety of cases. The measurement of health poverty allows us to gain insights into different sorts of health deprivation in society as a whole, and in specific subgroups. We measure poverty by means of the widely adopted Foster-Greer-Thorbecke (FGT) class of indicators and apply this to three different health variables: cardiovascular risk, health status as measured by the SF-6D and life expectancy. The FGT class measures includes a poverty aversion parameter and we explore different values of the parameter to assess three aspects of poverty (incidence, intensity and inequality, known as the three I’s of poverty measurement). Moreover, the FGT class is additively decomposable, making it possible to gauge the contribution of specific subgroups to overall poverty.

Presenter: Guido Erreygers, University of Antwerp

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