Laxman Bablani - The Return Migration of Australian Migrants

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Melbourne Institute Seminar Room
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Title: The Return Migration of Australian Migrants

Abstract: Using a novel dataset for the population of immigrant arrivals and departures from Australian ports, we analyse the extent of out-migration across different arrival cohorts and skill measures. We find that migrants from high income countries are more likely to out-migrate than those from low income countries, and that out-migration is sensitive to the business cycle, as measured by the unemployment rate. We also find that out-migration is highest for the most skilled migrants, with every additional year of education required by an occupation increasing out-migration by around 4 per cent. Moreover, migrants targeted by skill-based migration policies are more likely to leave. Our results therefore highlight the challenges in retaining skilled migrants acquired through points based migration policies.

Presenter: Laxman Bablani, The University of Melbourne

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