Uncertainty: Macroeconomic Effects and Policy Implications

Federation Ballroom South
Hyatt Hotel Canberra

Melbourne Institute Public Economic Forum


Dr Timo Henckel, Fellow, Research School of Economics, College of Business and Economics and Research Associate, Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University

Associate Professor Mariano Kulish, Deputy Director of Centre for Applied Economic Research, The University of New South Wales

Professor Efrem Castelnuovo, Principal Research Fellow, Melbourne Institute, The University of Melbourne

About the Topic

Uncertainty is often seen as a major drag on an economic system. But what is uncertainty, really? Where does it originate? Why does it matter? What are the channels via which it affects a country's business cycle? Is it related to policy decisions? What are the costs of uncertainty for the Australian economy? What can policy do in order to dampen the negative effects of uncertainty? The panellists will address these questions by referring to recent findings in the state-of-the-art literature.