Macroeconomic Policies in the New Normal

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Caitlin Hindmarsh

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Melbourne Institute Public Economics Forum


Professor Efrem Castelnuovo, Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research, The University of Melbourne


Ms Jenny Wilkinson, Parliamentary Budget Office

Ms Wilkinson heads up the independent Parliamentary Budget Office. Over her career, she has worked across a wide range of public policy areas in the Treasury and other government departments. Ms Wilkinson will be discussing the recent expansion in independent fiscal authorities across countries and the ways in which they have improved the public policy debate.

Professor Bruce Preston, University of Melbourne

Professor Preston is a Professor of Economics at the University of Melbourne. His research focuses on monetary economics and the design of central bank policy. Professor Preston will discuss lessons from recent international experience for central bank communications policy.

Mr Leon Berkelmans, Reserve Bank of Australia

Mr Berkelmans is a Senior Manager in the Domestic Markets Department at the RBA, where he focuses on securities markets. He has worked at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Lowy Institute, and has a Ph.D. from Harvard University. Mr Berkelmans will be speaking about quantitative easing.

About the Topic

The Global Financial Crisis has triggered a revolution in the way we think of macroeconomic policies. Volatile financial markets and fragile banking systems seem to have become the norm rather than the exception in a number of countries. High levels of public debt, often going hand-in-hand with high levels of private debt, are a constant worry even in the most dynamic industrialized countries. Low interest rates, possibly lower rates of growth and greater uncertainty are predicted to be likely in future economic scenarios. The causes, consequences and re-generation of stagnant economies has become a subject of debate at a world level. In this context, how should national monetary and fiscal policies be conducted in a world linked by global trade and financial flows?  Has the setting of macro policies changed since the advent of the crisis?  How are countries around the world managing their policies in recent years?

In this forum, the eminent speakers will discuss these issues drawing on their leadership roles and experience in various government and non-government organisations. Topics discussed will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience, which will be facilitated by the event Chair.


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