Intergenerational paths to self-sufficiency workshop

MI Seminar Room Level 6, 111 Barry St, Carlton, 3010


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Jess Delon

The workshop will bring together approximately 50 academics and policymakers whose work addresses the causes and mechanisms underlying intergenerational disadvantage and discuss the latest evidence and gaps in relation to the persistence of intergenerational disadvantage. Our keynote international guest speakers for this workshop are: Professor Miles Corak (City University of New York) and Professor Jean Wei-Jun Yeung (National University of Singapore).

The specific aims of this workshop are to:

  1. Advance evidence-based insights about the nature and persistence of intergenerational disadvantage in Australia and internationally;

  2. Illuminate factors that reduce intergenerational disadvantage and pave pathways to self-efficiency;

  3. Redefine research strategies (data, methods, theories) to enhance the quality of research on intergenerational disadvantage;

  4. Connect academics, policymakers and NGO’s in the area of intergenerational disadvantage to develop policy solutions that will benefit families living in disadvantage.