Fit for the Future? Using research to support the medical workforce

7th MABEL Research and Policy Forum

How do we ensure the medical workforce is fit for the future? Improving access to high-quality medical care can save lives but requires a medical workforce that is in the right locations and specialties, using optimal models of care, and within supportive work environments.

This forum will highlight how research can be used to support a medical workforce who are fit for the future. Each session is designed to examine gaps in the evidence to suggest how research can be used to support solutions.

What are the gaps in evidence from the perspective of existing research, from decision-makers who need to solve the problems, and from doctors themselves? Is what we know backed by scientific evidence? Do we know what we are trying to achieve? Do we know enough about the size and nature of the problem? Do we know what to do about it?

The forum includes a number of sessions covering:

  • Healthy doctors, healthy patients
  • Can access be improved by changing the distribution of doctors across specialties?
  • Doctor's use of digital technology and information
  • Improving access through better geographic distribution

Download the program here.