Research and Research Support Staff

  1. Dr Yi-Ping Tseng

    Senior Research Fellow
    (Labour Economics and Social Policy)

    • Design and evaluation of social policies
    • Housing and homelessness
    • Human capital investment
  2. Professor David Ribar

    Program Director
    (Economic and Social Disadvantage)

    • Household and family economics
    • Family structure
    • Poverty and deprivation
    • Assistance programs
    • Time use
  3. Professor Mark Wooden

    Director, HILDA Survey
    (Household, Income and Labour Dynamics)

    • Applied labour economics
    • Changing nature of work
    • Industrial / Workplace Relations
    • Survey methodology
  4. Ms Nicole Watson

    Deputy Director, HILDA Survey (Methodology)
    (HILDA, Journeys Home)

    • General economic and statistical methods
    • Methodologies for collecting, estimating and organising microeconomic data
    • Survey and sampling methods
  5. Mr Andrew Bevitt

    Programmer and Database Manager
    (Economic and Social Disadvantage,
    Labour Economics and Social Policy)

    • Workplace leadership
    • Data management
  6. Mr Abraham Chigavazira

    Research Support Officer
    (Economic and Social Disadvantage,
    Labour Economics and Social Policy)

    • Labour economics
    • Welfare, well-being and poverty
    • Housing supply and markets (homelessness)
  7. Dr Nicolas Hérault

    Senior Research Fellow
    (Household, Income and Labour Dynamics,
    Labour Economics and Social Policy)

    • Personal income and wealth distribution
    • Welfare economics
    • Household decision-making and fiscal policy
    • Welfare, well-being and poverty
    • Time allocation and labour supply
  8. Dr Julie Moschion

    Senior Research Fellow
    (Economics of Education and Child Development,
    Labour Economics and Social Policy)

    • Applied microeconomics
    • Economics of education
    • Housing economics (homelessness)
    • Demographic economics (family structure, fertility and gender)
    • Health economics (substance use)

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