Working/Discussion/Research Papers

A wide-ranging body of research investigating topics related to the HILDA Survey.


  • André, S., Dewilde, C., and Muffels, R.
    Do housing wealth and tenure (change) moderate the relationship between divorce and subjective wellbeing
    HOWCOME Working Paper Services No. 19 (April).
  • Bastian, B., Smith, M., Cheong, B., Pineda, V., Stevenson, M., Hutchinson, O., Nargar, M., and Kluth, S.
    Development of Treasury's new Model of Australian Retirement Incomes and Assets: MARIA
    Treasury Working Paper, 2017-02.
  • Bora, C., Browning, M., and Sevila, A.
    Marriage and Housework
    IZA Discussion Paper No 10740 (April 2017).
  • Brown, L., Hansnata, E., and La, H.A.
    Economic cost of dementia in Australia, 2016-2056
    NASEM, Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis, University of Canberra, February 2017.
  • Bubonya, M., Cobb-Clark, D.A., and Ribar, D.
    The bilateral relationship between depressive symptoms and employment status
    IZA Discussion Paper No. 10653.
  • Bubonya, M., Cobb-Clark, D.A., and Ribar, D.
    The bilateral relationship between depressive symptoms and employment status
    Melbourne Institute Working Paper No. 10/17.
  • Cygan-Rehm, K., Kuehnle, D., and Oberfichtner, M.
    Bounding the causal effect of unemployment on mental health: Nonparametric evidence from four countries
    IZA Discussion Paper No. 10652.
  • Flinn, C., Todd, P., and Zhang, W.
    Personality traits, intra-household allocation and the gender wage gap
    Collegio Carlo Alberto, Carlo Alberto Notebooks No. 495 (February 2017).
  • Lam, J., and Perales, F.
    Chronic illness and mental strain: The moderating role of marital status over the disease cycle
    Life Course Cnter Working Paper Series No. 2017-03 (January 2017).
  • Lass, I., and Wooden, M.
    The structure of the wage gap for temporary workers: Evidence from Australian panel data
    IZA Discussion Paper No. 10670.
  • Leal, H., Parsons, S., White, G., and Zurawski, A.
    Housing market turnover
    Reserve Bank of Australia, Bulletin, March 2017.
  • Lee, W, and McKinnish, TA.
    The marital satisfaction of differntly-aged couples
    IZA Discussion Paper No. 10863, June 2017.
  • Kendall, G., Nguyen, H., and Ong, R.
    The impact of differentiated access to income and wealth on health and wellbeing outcomes: A longitudinal Australian study
    Banwest Curtin Economics Centre, Working Paper Series No. 17/01 (January 2017).
  • Mahuteau, S., Mavromaras, K., Richardson, S., and Zhu, R.
    Public-Private sector wage differentials in Australia
    IZA Discussion Paper Series No. 10719 (April 2017).
  • Perales, F., and Chesters, J.
    The returns to mature-age education in Australia
    Life Course Centre Working Paper Series No. 2017-01 (January 2017).
  • Perales, F., and Chesters, J.
    Birth cohort, aggeing and gender ideology: Lessons from British and Australian panel data
    Life Course Centre Working Paper Series No. 2017-05 (February 2017).
  • Whelkan, S.
    The Bank of Mum and Dad - Intergenerational transfers and first-time homeownership in Australia
    University of Sydney, Economics Working Paper Series No. 2017-07.