Organisational Licences

Under Organisational Licensing arrangements, organisations sign an Organisational Deed of Licence for access to the HILDA datasets.

Individuals within the organisation who require access to the data must sign a Deed of Confidentiality.

Delegates and Data Managers

The Organisational Delegate, the officer responsible for the Deed, nominates a central contact person, known as a Data Manager, to manage the security of the data and to regulate access to it within the organisation.

The Data Manager is required to liaise with the Department of Social Services (DSS) on data access issues and to provide information to DSS about the use of the datasets within the organisation.

Benefits of Organisational Licensing

Organisational Licensing offers better assignment of the rights and responsibilities that exist between the organisation and individual users.

The system also streamlines access to the data, as the datasets are held directly by the Data Manager.

Cost per release

$330 in Australia (including GST) or $330 if overseas (GST exempt).

Application process

If your organisation is interested in signing an Organisational Licence, please contact the Department of Social Services, providing contact details for the Organisational Delegate.

DSS will then email the Deed of Licence to the Organisational Delegate, who should complete the Deed and return it to the Department.


DSS will send an approval notification email once the organisation's application has been approved.


After being notified of the application's approval by DSS, the HILDA Administrative Assistant will send the Organisational Delegate an email regarding payment.

The HILDA data DVD will only be posted via Express Post (or Express Courier International for overseas users) after payment has been completed via the secure payment system.

Accessing the data

Passwords and any other relevant information required to access the HILDA data will be emailed to the Organisational Delegate.


If you have any questions about Organisational Licensing, please refer to the longitudinal survey Fact Sheets.