Cross-National Equivalent File

The Cross-National Equivalent File (CNEF) contains equivalently defined variables for the following panel studies:

  • Panel Study of Income Dynamics
  • German Socio-Economic Panel
  • British Household Panel Study
  • Canadian Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics
  • Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey (HILDA)
  • Swiss Household Panel
  • Korean Labor and Income Panel Study, and
  • Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey – Higher School of Economics

The data is designed to allow cross-national researchers with limited experience in panel data analysis to access a simplified version of these panels, while providing experienced panel data users with guidelines for formulating equivalent variables across countries.

Most importantly, CNEF provides a set of constructed variables (for example, pre- and post-government income and international household equivalence weights) that are not directly available in the original surveys.

HILDA–CNEF Codebooks

These codebooks describe the CNEF–HILDA file structure and variable name conventions, and provide summaries of the variables.

Volume 1 covers demographics, employment and equivalence scale inputs.

Volume 2 covers financial year income, geography, medical/health, psychological, weights, identifers and macro-level variables.

Ordering HILDA–CNEF data

Researchers requiring access to the HILDA–CNEF data must complete the Deed of Licence application form.

Researchers who already have approval to access other datasets under an Organisational Deed of Licence must complete this form to gain access to the HILDA–CNEF data.

To apply for the HILDA–CNEF, complete the application form and forward it to

DSS will then send a return email informing you whether permission for access to the dataset has been granted. DSS will also notify the CNEF team at Ohio State University.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to contact the CNEF team at Ohio State University ( to organise payment prior to being sent the CNEF datasets.

Ohio State University provides users with a set of CDs containing all of the CNEF datasets. These datasets are only accessible with a password.

DSS has been informed that the cost for obtaining the CDs with all of the CNEF datasets is US$125, but advises users to confirm the price during their contact with Ohio State University.

Users are permitted to use the HILDA–CNEF Dataset on CD-ROM/DVD off organisational premises, but must comply with the security requirements outlined in their Deed.

Questions? Please email: