Ordering HILDA Survey Data

Release 15

Release 15 of the HILDA Survey data, which includes Waves 1 to 15, is now available for purchase. The release DVD includes Stata, SAS and SPSS datasets, with extensive documentation.

Licensing arrangements

Organisational Licences

If your organisation has signed an Organisational Licence, please contact your Data Manager to obtain and sign the latest Deed of Confidentiality.

Individual Licences

Users from all other organisations must sign an Individual Deed of Licence.


  • Honours students will only be granted access to the data under an Organisational Licence. Both the student and their supervisor must apply for access to the same dataset independently and must be from the same institution. Supervisors must have independent access to the same or higher level dataset for which the student is applying.
  • Research assistants may only be granted access to the data if a senior research officer from the same project has access.

Cost per release

Organisational Licence $330 in Australia (including GST)
$330 if overseas (GST exempt)
Individual Licence $77 in Australia (including GST)
$121 if overseas (GST exempt)
Cross-National Equivalence File US$125

Completing an order

  1. Read the Fact Sheets

    Fact Sheet Glossary

    1. Licensing Arrangements
    2. Who is eligible to access the Longitudinal Survey datasets?
    3. Roles and responsibilities of authorised users
    4. Roles and responsibilities of supervisors
    5. Specialist datasets
    6. Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children data protocols
    7. How to complete a Deed and Survey Contact list
    8. How to acknowledge the Department of Social Services and the relevant survey contract managers
    9. Security requirements
    10. Administrative requirements
    11. Use of Symbol Digits Modalities test data
  2. Deeds of Licence

    Complete the appropriate Deed of Licence, filling in all sections highlighted in blue or yellow.

    All users must complete a Deed of Licence, including:

    • Individuals – Australian and overseas
    • Individuals within an organisation – Australian and overseas
    • University of Melbourne staff
  3. Send the forms

    Send the completed application forms to:

  4. Next steps

    • DSS will notify you once your application has been approved. They will also notify the HILDA Survey Administrative Assistant, who will contact you regarding payment.
    • The HILDA Survey data DVD will only be posted via Express Post (or Express Courier International for overseas users) after payment has been completed via the secure payment system.
    • Passwords and any other relevant information required to access the HILDA Survey data will be emailed to the Organisational Delegate.