CASiE Survey

The Consumer Attitudes, Sentiments and Expectations in Australia Survey, known as CASiE, is a monthly survey of Australian households.

Started in 1974, the Survey gauges public opinion on topics such as the state of the Australian economy, prospects for employment and expectations of price changes.

Conducted across the nation, CASiE provides valuable and timely signals about consumer perceptions of the state of the economy.

Fast facts

  • The CASiE Survey is widely used as a source of information for creating indices and forecasting the state of the economy.
  • It provides valuable current and historical data about consumer perceptions in Australian households.
  • These attitudes, sentiments and expectations shape economic decisions and provide leading information about consumer activity.

Who is involved in the CASiE Survey?

The CASiE Survey is funded principally by the Westpac Banking Corporation and is supported by contributions from other sources, including the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Research methods

The CASiE Survey is conducted by telephone and reaches around 1200 households every month.

Respondents are asked for their opinion on whether the state of the Australian economy has improved or worsened, and whether they believe unemployment and house prices will rise or fall over the next twelve months.

They are also asked about their savings, debts and financial investments on a quarterly basis.

The CASiE Survey characterises respondents by a range of factors, including demographics, political preference and income.

Reports and publications

Data from the CASiE Survey is used to compile the following macroeconomic reports:

  • Westpac–Melbourne Institute Survey of Consumer Sentiment
  • Westpac–Melbourne Institute Survey of House Price Expectations
  • Westpac–Melbourne Institute Survey of Unemployment Expectations, and
  • Melbourne Institute Survey of Consumer Inflationary Expectations.

These reports are available via subscription or single issue purchase and are widely referenced by economists nationwide.

The CASiE Survey is also referenced in numerous studies and reports, including Australian and international journals.

Accessing CASiE Survey data

The CASiE Survey team regularly collates the data from their statistical measures of the Australian economy into an extensive time series.

Available datasets include:

  • Consumer Sentiment Index
  • Unemployment Expectations
  • Time to Buy A Dwelling
  • Wisest Place for Savings, and
  • Consumer Inflationary Expectations.

Economists and researchers may access this Time Series Data via subscription or single data purchase. The underlying unit record data is not available.

Our team

Meet the CASiE Survey team.

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